Hi Jen, where or how do you scan your film? Beautiful colours... Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Thanks!  I scan it myself with an Epson v700.

I just have to say thank you for your post on Contax 645! Its by far the best I have found. How is it going a couple years into it? I BOUGHT ONE YESTERDAY and I have a quick question... how do you manage batteries? Should I get a grip for AAs? Do you use rechargeable? Also have many film backs would you think I need at a minimum? Ok, and just one more...how often do you use the other lens? Thank you so so much for your time! Mara — Asked by Anonymous

Hi Mara!  Congratulations on your new purchase :-)  If you are used to shooting with a DSLR or 35mm film camera, you may find the Contax to be big and heavy.  For that reason, I never bought a grip, as I didn’t want to add to it’s size or weight.  I just keep spare batteries with me.  I’ve heard that the rechargeable batteries can damage the camera, so I stayed away from those.  I have a total of two backs, which I usually use for different ISOs or one for black and white and one for color.  Just make sure to label your backs with tape or something, as it sucks when you forget which film is in which back!  That said, you will be fine starting out with one back. Maybe just use 120 film rather than 220 to avoid a situation where you are leaving film in the camera that may not be appropriate for a later shoot.  I mostly use the 80mm lens, but I also have a 35mm, which I’ve occasionally used for landscapes and architectural shots and a 140mm lens, which I rarely use.  If you have the 80mm, you will be fine, at least to start out.  

I still love this camera, but I recently had baby, so I find that I don’t want to lug it around as much as I used to.  I still use it occasionally, and I still think it’s a great camera with great lenses.  I’m just more inclined to use it for special occasions rather than all the time.

I hope this helps!